Q/A About Orthodontics

Why are many children in orthodontic treatment before all of the permanent teeth have erupted?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children see an orthodontist at age 7 unless problems are recognized earlier. This early evaluation does not mean that your child is ready for treatment but rather for Dr. Cavalier to check on growth patterns, eruption of permanent teeth and oral habits such as thumb sucking. Early warning signs that may indicate that your child would benefit from early intervention are as follows:

An early examination would allow Dr. Cavalier to determine how and when a particular problem should be treated. This would provide maximum improvement, requiring the least amount of time and giving the greatest benefit. For some patients, if these results are not achieved at an early age they may not be attainable once the face and jaws have finished growing.

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

Duration of treatment varies greatly from one patient to another depending on specific problems and severity of the problems. Also, the patients' willingness of active participation and the level of cooperation will strongly affect how long the treatment will last. In general, treatment time for those who are in full braces will take between 18 and 24 months on average. We understand that your time is extremely valuable so we can assure you that our methods are effective and efficient to allow you to spend the least amount of time in treatment.

How much does a consultation cost?

There is no fee for the initial consultation. Dr. Cavalier will determine what problems exist, how we would correct those problems, how long treatment would take and what the fee would be for the orthodontic treatment.

Would I feel or look awkward in braces as an adult?

Absolutely not. For patients who can benefit from orthodontic treatment, age is not a factor. The amount of adults that are seeking orthodontic treatment is growing daily. Adults who are in treatment have discovered the great benefits of orthodontic treatment. As long as your teeth are supported by healthy gums and bone you may be a candidate for our care. If your gums and bone are not entirely healthy it does not mean that you would never be a candidate for braces but rather Dr. Cavalier and your family dentist would work together and determine the best approach to give you good oral health, appearance and function of the jaws and teeth. If you have ever been concerned with your smile or bite, please do not hesitate to call our office for an evaluation.

As far as how you would look in braces, we would like to put your mind at ease. Nowadays, it is quite common to see adults in braces. You would fit in nicely with the other orthodontic patients, as the braces are part of everyday life. Furthermore, our office offers clear, ceramic braces that are barely noticeable on your teeth. The new, clear braces are much improved compared to the older clear, plastic braces. The clear braces that we use will not stain and will not break. In addition to the clear braces, we also offer INVISALIGN that is entirely clear without involving traditional braces. Since our appliances will keep the amount of discomfort at a minimum and minimize the inconveniences, we believe that wearing braces will be well worth it to achieve improved confidence and good oral health.

Would Invisalign work for me?

In general, individuals considering orthodontic treatment are more informed when they undergo an initial consultation. At that consultation, Dr. Cavalier will determine whether or not you would benefit from orthodontic treatment and if so then whether the Invisalign technique or clear braces would best suite your situation.

What Will Treatment Cost?

The actual cost of orthodontic treatment varies greatly in terms of the severity of the problems, which ultimately dictates how long the treatment will last. In the past, orthodontic treatment was of the affluent population, however, now it is reachable and affordable to most Americans.

When contemplating the cost of orthodontic treatment, please keep in mind the benefits of having a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles. We try to have our service affordable to all. To assist you, we have several payment options for you to choose from.

One option even requires no down payment! We accept most major insurances and our staff will be happy to assist you in getting payment coverage in an expeditious fashion. Additionally, there will be no add-on costs or no hidden costs. The quoted fee remains constant from the records appointment to the completion of treatment ending with a retainer or retainers.

The initial consultation is free as well as giving any second opinions. Since the initial appointment is free, we happily invite you to our office even if you are only considering orthodontic treatment.