Our Office


We follow strict sterilization guidelines that ensure that our products are safe for you, our staff and the doctor. We sterilize equipment in various ways. A majority of our instruments are cleaned by a sterilizer that produces extreme heat. Those instruments that are not compatible with the extreme heat can be placed in disinfectant solutions to achieve the same results as the sterilizer. We wear gloves at all times and masks when necessary. We have special gloves to wear when a patient may have an allergic reaction to latex.

NO APPLLIANCES, INCLUDING BRACES, ARE EVER RECYCLED. When a patient completes treatment we discard all products that were used on that patient.

Skilled Professional Staff

Dr. Cavalier's staff is well educated, has skilled clinical attributes and has the will to strive for excellence. The staff is dedicated to be knowledgeable in orthodontics, finances and insurance. The staff continues to seek continuing education and/or acquire knowledge from the doctor to maintain a high level of excellence.

Team Approach in Office

Both, Dr. Cavalier and his staff, insist on providing extraordinary care to his patients with the utmost professionalism as well as rendering service on time, all the time. His staff enjoys interacting with our patients. The staff, as well as the doctor, wants you to feel comfortable in our office. We've tried to create a warm, cozy atmosphere starting with your first phone call, followed by your first visit, and then all subsequent contacts with our office. We would like everyone to have a positive, growing experience while your self-confidence soars as orthodontic problems disappear. We would like you to have fun when you come to our office. We have fantastic games and books that are for patients, siblings and even parents to pass time until our work has been completed.

Even though the staff is well educated and clinically talented, the patients will spend the vast majority of their time with Dr. Cavalier. When necessary, the staff will complete tasks under Dr. Cavalier's supervision as an extension of his hands and vision. Dr. Cavalier does and will always place his own braces and bands. He also makes the majority of the appliances that are needed for his patients' treatment instead of sending the work to a lab. However, if necessary, we feel confident in trusting another lab's work to fabricate appliances under our prescription.

The design of our office is one that provides good privacy for all patients. We have separate rooms for consultation, placing braces, taking records and adjustments. Our patients, especially the adults, love the privacy for when work has to be done. However, they still may see friends and family that are in at the same time as they move throughout our office. We like the privacy for those who may be conscientious about themselves going through treatment but also open enough that if you would like to mingle that is great too!

We are here to serve you and will provide whatever is necessary to achieve excellence. With good teamwork among patient, family, doctor and staff, we feel confident that our goals will be achieved and a permanent, lifelong, positive change will be made.